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Our Latest Business Development News .

The Expertfroce blog is primarily aimed at those who are responsible for business development in sales and marketing in a company, especially for operative marketing and sales with customers and partners. We want to keep them all informed actually. Our focus is the question of how, in a world changed by digital transformation, it is possible to connect with customers and partners in a completely new way by means of innovative sales and agile marketing strategies and solutions and thus stay ahead of the competition.

Business Development

Business development in our sense means the opening up of new markets or business areas and the constant further development of a company. Constant change and growth processes are part of its regular tasks.

Lead Generation

In the B2B sector, holistic lead management has become necessary for companies to operate successfully in the market. Based on market potentials and customer segmentation, e.g. through professional personas, a lead management strategy and concept must be developed.

B2B Marketing

Produkte, Lösungen und Services im Business-to-Business (B2B) Bereich sind oft um ein Vielfaches komplexer als Endanwender-Produkte. Sie sind nicht selten auch individuell angepasste Entwicklungen für einen speziellen Kunden oder Einsatzzweck

We support you in business field development in sales and marketing with targeted measures for the further development of your software service and solution business. Contact us for an initial non-binding discussion.

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