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International Business Development

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Business field development in global competition

That is why marketing and sales departments need more than ever employees who are proficient in holistic processes of communication and methodology, with which it is possible to qualitatively plan, execute and control the entire sales cycle in marketing, sales, offer and contract management from the manufacturer to the customer.

Methodical business development with concept leads to entrepreneurial success

Successful companies afford these employees and the necessary precision work, which opens up new scope for action in marketing, sales and offer management. Methodologies that have proven themselves in practice include a targeted project design from conception to planning and realization of individual activities in sales and marketing. This optimizes your use of resources and makes uncertain decisions safer.

Sales and marketing today is more challenged to use digital B2B marketing tools

Excellent employees are more in demand today than ever before. Customers are becoming more critical and self-confident, and transparency via the Internet makes products and services more comparable. In the case of products requiring intensive consulting in the capital goods sector, customers have become demanding discussion partners at eye level. Sales cycles range between 6 – 12 months or more in sales and qualitative sales and lead management methods have become necessary as a result.

Successful sales managers support their employees as agile business coaches

Sales managers therefore have the primary task of developing their employees into real salespeople and building up the corresponding knowledge potential for their company. The challenge is to develop the ability to recognize requirements and needs, to present benefit-oriented offers and to speak the customer’s language.

A holistic business development approach guarantees corporate success

Through an individually tailored offer with targeted sales management consulting complemented by on-site training and coaching in the field, an intentional positive development process in your sales department is initiated and promoted. The sales employee is thus supported in his task with methodology, can develop his sales skills and master his difficulties independently.

Franz Schreiber

Franz Schreiber

Interim Business Development in Sales and Marketing

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